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Ok, I work in a LTC facility and have just went to a new hall. Well one of the pt is 35 years old (he was hit by a car at the age 19 and only has one leg now ..etc). Well he was out in the hall... Read More

  1. by   Used and abused
    wow, touchy subject. I reported a doctor and nurse constantly talking like that at work, in endoscopy while the patients were under concious sedation. What happened is that it grew into a touchy feely time. Sometimes I would walk in with a patient and they would "jump" apart. It got really embarrassing. AND to make matters worse, put me under a microscope and I was forced to resign. I know it is legally and ethically wrong, but I lost a lot of seniority and because this doc was making the hospital lots of bucks, they went the extra mile for him. Kicking my behind out. Now those two are seeing eachother openly and are divorced from their spouses.
    My concern was for the hospital and how things looked. It was NOT professional.
    My union was ineffective because my manager trumped up things on my record. I had 10 years of clean record before she showed up to work on our unit. A bully she is.
    I am now a DON of a LTC. It is very different but I do love the old folks.