Serious Poll PART 3

  1. Last question. I hope you have answered the other 2 sets

    Thanks for your time.

    Feel free to email me with personal experiences that you do not wish to share on this site. Also email me if you are aware of any Internet resources I could look through:
  2. Poll: Please briefly describe what (if anything) you are doing to change your personal bias

    • Not too much

      27.78% 5
    • Keeping open lines of communications with pt. and family.

      50.00% 9
    • Reading about and discussing certain clients with my my collegues for their input.

      16.67% 3
    • I find myself just being indifferent towards the pt.

      5.56% 1
    18 Votes
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  4. by   canoehead
    Bias towards what?