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  1. Hi guys,

    First, I want to thank each of you for all you do. I feel that this profession is filled with over worked, under paid and under appreciated (or at least under acknowledged) tender hearted people and the majority of you are unsung heros! So thanks for all you do.

    Im looking for some advice on how to handled my current situation. I have a genetic disorder that requires weekly home infusions. I have a relatively new home health care nurse assigned to me (3 months now) as the nurse before her quite the company with no notice. This particular home health care agency seems very disfunctional as my previous nurse would reveal to me stories of being cheated out of money by the nurse manager, grumblings of not enough hours and other times grumblings of too many hours! The few times I've spoken with the nurse manager she mad it very clear that it was a hassle for her to answer my questions. Point being, I don't think voicing my concern to her will do me any good and likely being about more grief.

    my concern lies now with my new nurse. It's only been three months but how long do I need to wait or how bad dies it need to get before I'm allowed to speak up.

    two months ago, I received a text message from usps stating that my package had arrived and was left on my doorstep. I had no idea what it was referring to so after tracing the tracking number to source I learned it was a package sent to "me" from this speciality pharmacy. But the package went to an address I had never heard of. Come to find out, this nurse of mine, ordered supplies from the company, in my name, charged to my insurance company and pretending to be me and asking them to be shipped to her house! This seemed very shady to me but the company brushed it off and made excuses for the nurse saying that she thought I was going to be out of town. So let's say that was true, wouldn't you at least inform the patient, rather, ASK the patient if that is what she would like you to do? Not, make this order in secret!

    Next, my medine that I receive is very expensive! For the past 15 years, my nurses have been very thorough to make certain I get every last drop of that medine! This gal will cut my infusion short and disconnect my bag and flush my port with medince still remains in the bag. When I asked if she was going to give it all to me, she held up the bag as if I was blind and said, "I did! See?" I thought, well, what I see is a bag that still has about $100 worth of Mede in it!

    Now today, I went online to my patient account at labcorp to see what my levels were from last weeks blood draw and I learned that my blood has not been turned into labcorp since sept 5th!!!! That means 3 blood draws that she took, boxed up in front of me but then took them with her claiming she had a fed ex drop off location next to her home have not been turned in! Is this absurd??? It's seems awfully racy like to me!!! So after learning this about my blood draws never being turned in, I called the corporate office again to speak with the nurse manager.
    after telling the person on the phone why I was calling, I was told that the nurse manager was unavailable and would have to call me back. She of course never did! Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for me? Is this very odd behavior or should I just role with it? And if I do, for how long??? Any thoughts on to whom I might report this stuff to?
    appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

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  3. by   Davey Do
    Hi Oberolly! Welcome to! is pretty much a site for Nurses and Nursing Students to discuss profession situations and learn from one another. Per the TOS, we cannot give advice to Patients. Not that I want to put you off, because it sounds like you feel and believe you have some well-founded concerns that need to be addressed.

    Get those individuals, such as your primary medical professional, involved. Relay your information and seek advice and guidance from them.

    Good luck to you, Oberolly!