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  1. I am Head Nurse of OR of a Hospital in Germany and I wish to relocate to San Diego and find employment in an OR. I will be taking the NCLEX in January and I am looking for an employer who will sponser me for the H1-B visa. I also seek advice from anyone who has gone through this process. Thank You.......

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  3. by   huaping
    Dear Robertroelof:
    My name is Karen Zou.I had worded as a registered nurse at surgical unit of a major hospital in Beijing for more than six years before I came to the United States.Now I have Georgia and CA RN licenses and I am working on my H1-B visa.
    If you need any information, Please contact me. You can e-mail me.
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  4. by   Robertroelof
    How difficult is it to find an employer to sponser an H1-B visa and how long does this process normally take?
  5. by   huaping
    Dear Robertroelof:
    It is not so difficult to find an employer to sponser an H1-B visa. For me about two months.
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  6. by   Robertroelof

    I have been doing research on the internet to find out what I will need to do in order to move to the US and there is some confusion on several points. Will I need to take the CGFNS? Is the INS granting H1-B visas to nurses yet and how do I qualify for one? In order to have the California RN license issued I will need a SS#, how can I get that before I have a visa or a job? Will I need to have a Credentialing agency review my school records to determine what equivalent degree I would have in the US? Would I be able to get an H1-B visa for a job as a staff nurse or would I need to be a head nurse? I have read conflicting accounts on these matters and I am hoping that you will be so kind to clarify these for me. I pray that I will be hearing from you with these answers. Thank You......
  7. by   huaping
    Daer Robertroelof:
    How are you.I would like to clarify questions for you.
    1)You definitely need a SS# in order to test for the NCLEX.
    2)They will reguest the documentattion for your school of nursing and verify if you have met the qualifications necessary to test here in the USA.This is not a simple process.
    3)You need to be a head nurse or team leader
    Otherwise You can not get H1-B visa.
    4)I did not take CGFNS. I only pasted NCLEX.
    5)The job market in the USA is not as good as it uesd to be.
    I have my RN license almost half year and I still stay at home. I wish someday I will get
    Dear Robertroelof, Where do you live. I would like to help you. If you need anything, E-mail me.
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  8. by   arleen
    Hi. Does anyone have any leads on my finding a part time psych job 9any facility), either days during the week or anytime on the weekend? registries? I'm very new at this. Thanks for any help, Arleen.
  9. by   arleen
    Silly me. Forget to mention that I'm in the Tampa St. pete -Clearwater Fl region. oops=
  10. by   suzanne4
    Yes, you will need to complete the Visa Screen process thru CGFNS. Yes, you will need to complete the English requirements now, same as you would for a green card. My suggestion, go for the green card. Very few hospitals are sponsoring now with H1-B visa. Please PM me if any of you have any further questions, and I can give you better answers more detailed to what your needs are. These new rules are in effect now. If you did not start the process ofr an H1B visa by September you have to complete the full requirements. Also, if you don't, and managed to get to the US on an H1B, and have to leave the country for some reason after July, 2005, you will not be allowed back in without the Visa Screen. My suggestion, take the CGFNS, as well as NCLEX, and your English exams, then you will be set. If you skip CGFNS, and decide to move to another state before you have worked in the US for two years, you will be required to complete CGFNS exam to get a license in most other states now.
  11. by   suzanne4
    The job market in the US is actually quite good, as long as you have documentation of your English skills. Without having completed written and speaking skill stations, it will be quite difficult to find a job. PM me for more information.
  12. by   suzanne4
    You do not need to be a head nurse or nurse manager to get a green card. Most hospitals and agencies just want two years experience and fluent English skills.