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    My name is Destany, Im a sophmore in high school. As of right now I have an 83B in economics, 88 in literature, 95A in biology, 70C in geometry, 92 in health and 95 in nursing. I just got doen taking finals and I know I did excellent on my geometry final so that grade will go up. This is my first C. Anyways........we did class rankings and in my class of 08 there are 388 students, im #52. Im in the top 20%. I want to go to Vanderbilt or Belmont for college. The only thing is Nashville is 8 hours from here. Everyone is against me going. I know Vandy is hard to get into but Im going to try my hardest to make straight A's from now on. If I dont get into Vandy then I want to go to Belmont. I live in GA so Ive been researching scholarships and cant really seem to find what Im looking for. I just got a checking account and at the moment I have $350 in it. I get $20 a week for allowence. Ill turn 16 in December and Ive already been guarenteed a job. So all of that money that I get from my job and I will still be getting allowence, thats the money Im taking with me to college. Im just so lost with getting information from colleges. I need to see what scholarships I can apply for. I know Im going to need to get loans so I need information on that.
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  3. by   jkaee

    Good for you for having the forsight to look ahead and see what you need for your future. I know I didn't think that far ahead!

    I think the best advice I could give you is to go to your school guidance counselor and ask him/her what you need to do. I don't know if anyone here could give you any info on scholarships and/or financial aid. (but I could be wrong!! ) I think that would be your best bet to determine what you need to do in school to qualify for scholarships. Financial aid will most likely be determine after you're accepted into a college....then they will see how much money your parents make, and what you have available to put towards tuition, and take it from there. At least, that's what I went through to get financial aid.

    Good luck to you, and keep up the good work. You can do it!