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  1. by   RNwntaB
    I am 32 & decided on nursing as a "third" career. 1st career = Office Manager / 2nd career = daycare provider.
    Reason I decided on nursing - Lots of reasons: I always had an interest in it, but had a bigger fear. When I left my office job, I cut my pay by 75% or so. I wanted to be with my two kiddo's & not have them in daycare. Having the daycare, I've learned I don't mind taking care of babies & I really enjoy the times I can tell I've made a difference! Daycare wages won't help me pay for my kid's college or give me any retirement....
    I want to have flexibility so I can still be here for my kids & not send them to daycare. I want a job where I can be challenged & rewarded. I want a job where I can make enough $ that we don't have to barely "get by" and having 50+ hours wrapped up in it. I want the ability to be able to try my hand at different areas of care if/when I desire to. I want to touch people's lives & also be touched!

    What will keep me in nursing?
    -Knowing that I am making a difference.
    -Knowing that I am able to comfort a scared/sick child/patient/family member.
    -Knowing that I am able to put $ towards my children's education
    -Knowing that I am able to put $ towards our retirement.
    -Knowing that I have the flexibility to switch departments or even employers if I need/want to.
    -Knowing I don't have to work 50+ hours and to barely make "min. wage"