Scrub vests?

  1. I have some great scrub jackets but I get too hot in them. I have two scrub vests that I found in a catalog but not too much selection. Does anyone know of any good have any internet sites or catalogs that offer a decent selection of vest scrubs? Thanks!
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  3. by   Cascadians
    In Portland, near St Vincent's Hospital, there is an EXCELLENT Scrub Company called ScrubMed

    Been ordering custom scrubs from ScrubMed for years and years. Also have bought over 100 gorgeous nature print scrubs off the racks (we Cascadians are in our 29th year of caregiving).

    ScrubMed has a great retail store there too.
    page for aprons/vests

    That page doesn't show a picture of their vests, at least on our computer.
    Personally, we like their 16-pocket apron very much. It is sturdy and holds all the stuff we need to be efficient as we fly from room to room. Washes and holds up well. Shoulder/back/middle straps are all adjustable for a super comfy fit.

    One can never have too many pockets ...
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    I like wearing vests in the summer time. Jasco uniforms (catalog) has a lot of different vests also Taffords catalog has some too!
  5. by   kaylynn
    You might want to take a look at

    They provide a directory listing several companies that have online scrub catalogs and I did see some vests at some of them when I looked last time.