School/Higher Ed Nurses out there? Need help finding a VS machine.

  1. I have been budgeted to buy a new vitals machine (needs to be portable) for our Wellness Center (<$2K) and am struggling to find something that's high quality, has 2 BP cuff sizes minimum, temp, pulse ox and within budget. It needs to be "grab and go" portable, not on wheels or attached to a wall. Does anyone have recommendations? I know we use Welch Allyn in the hospital, but I'm not sure of other names and appropriate for a higher ed office. We have lots of HTN here, syncope episodes around campus, eating issues, anxiety... so I think those basics will cover it until I can get a referral.
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  3. by   SaltineQueen
    Where have you looked? The sites I use are:

    School Nurse Supply
    MacGill School Nurse Supplies
    Moore Medical
    School Health
  4. by   nursetobe2013
    I didn't know where to begin, but thanks for the resources!
  5. by   SaltineQueen
    Come over to the school nurse board. I'm sure there is someone with personal experience with a unit such as the one you're describing.
  6. by   nursetobe2013
    I found the Welch Allyn Spot is popular out there. Do you have any recommendations?
  7. by   nursetobe2013
    I tried to find something specific to school RNs and didn't... I'll look again. Thanks.
  8. by   SaltineQueen
    I only have stand alone items - old fashioned BP cuffs, pulse ox, thermometers, etc.
  9. by   nursetobe2013
    I found the school RN board, thanks! Also, yes... I have those as well here, but we have this budget and we need to actually spend it on this equip, so I want to take full advantage of that or we lose it!