Scholarship Funds on Legal Issues in Pain Relief

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    ASLME and Mayday Scholarship Funds on Legal Issues in Pain Relief

    The American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics announces a new research program in the area of legal, regulatory and financing issues in pain relief with funding from the Mayday Fund of New York City. This program continues the Society's earlier efforts on Legal Constraints on Access to Effective Pain Relief, originally conducted in 1995-1997 and funded by the Mayday Fund and The Emily Davie and Joseph S. Kornfeld Foundation and the Mayday Scholars Program funded by the Mayday Fund from 1997-1998. The program was continued in 1999-2000.

    This newly funded project provides funds to expand scholarship and expertise in legal, regulatory and financing policies that affect access to effective pain relief. The goal of the project is to broaden and deepen both the published scholarship specifically addressing these aspects of the problem of under treated pain and to increase the number of law, economics and public policy scholars familiar with the specific context of pain relief in all types of health care delivery systems. Expanding the number of individuals with substantial research activity in the area will allow us to expand significantly opportunities for education, training, consultation and media relations in this rather specialized area.

    Mayday Scholars will undertake their own research projects. The Society will provide peer reviewers for the written product of the Scholars' projects. The Scholars will present their work at a Scholars' Workshop, which will be supported by the project. The Society will select four new Mayday Scholars. Funding for each Scholar's research will range from $6,000 to $10,000, and funds may be used for a stipend, research assistance, or general administrative support and supplies.

    Time Line for Mayday Scholars Program
    a.. June 1, 2001 Application deadline
    b.. July 1, 2001 Selection and notification of scholars
    c.. December 31, 2001 Interim report due
    d.. June 1, 2002 Article due

    For further information, please contact Benjamin Moulton, Executive Director, American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 1634, Boston, MA 02215, phone: 617-262-4990, fax: 617-437-7596,; or Sandra Johnson, Office of the Provost, Saint Louis University, 221 N. Grand, DuBourg 106, St. Louis, MO 63108, phone: 314-977-3088, fax: 314-977-3079,
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