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Just curious if anyone had any situations that made them feel scared, or at least felt vulnerable. (i.e.- gave wrong dose to pt./had an aggressive pts who threatened to physically hurt them/dealt... Read More

  1. by   NursesRmofun
    Yes! I got hit by a car once and I was very scared...also on a ride at Disney...and during scary movies! Nursing is sometimes scary too.
  2. by   jewelsg627
    OMG!! I'm wondering if I could handle such situations. I appreciate everyone's re:. I must say, though, #rd shift guy took home the prize of "Most-Like-Jerry-Springer-Episode" award. Crazy. :uhoh21:

    To answer the question posted earlier by someone else:

    I am applying for one of the Accelerated programs for non-nurses who want to go into nursing. I am a Psych major, finishing up my last quarter at UCLA. I will be applying to the following universities that offer this special program for non-nurses.

    1.) UCSF
    2.) University of San Francisco
    3.) Yale
    4.) Columbia
    5.) Penn
    6.) University of San Diego
    7.) Michigan (Ann Arbor) (One year - BSN program only)
    8.) Johns Hopkins

    I am praying that I will get in somewhere. The first year is focused on preparing you for the NCLEX. After that, the next 2-3 years you are working on your Masters and your specialty (I am taking the NP Acute Care track, I hope with a specialty in Neuro, Critical care, or ED). Some of the universities give you a BSN AND an MSN (i.e.- Penn, Columbia, JH) but mostly you just come out with a MSN b/c a pre-req. for the program is that you have a BA in a field other than nursing.

    Hope that helps!
  3. by   missmercy
    Scariest?! Just one? Now, looking back it isn't that bad 'cause it turned out fine... when I let myself think of the possible things that could have happened -- I realize it COULD have been bad... at the time -- didn't see options -- did what I felt I had to -- but was scared the whole time.

    Worked home care (12y.o vent assisted paralyzed girl) It was Janusry -- Dad had jost bought a "NEW TO HIM" van with a w/c lift -- wanted to take patient for a ride. Advised them not to go, they declined to listen. I was responsible for the kid -- suctioning, meds, etc... so when dad decided she was going for a ride, I went along. Cruising down the highway, snow blowing, icy patches.... dad using the cruise control and bragging about the "steal he got on that fine piece of machenery" -- hit ice, ended up in a ditch. Patient in distress, cold and hysterical. Dad flags down a car (TOTAL STRANGER) and puts daughter in the guys car!!! I didn't like the looks of the guy, but couldn't just let the girl go off with him, so I got in the car too. Turns out the guy was an angel!! Took us to the restaurant that Dad cooked at (where Dad had said to go and wait for him). She and I were there for 4 hours!!! No money, no food, no idea where dad was, late for meds, kid bordeline hysterical all the time.... Turns out Dad forgot where he told the guy to take us -- was checking hospitals, morgues... etc for the 4 hours. Finally came and got us home. Patient did not have any major set-backs -- van totalled, no harm - no foul. Scarier in retrospect r/t what COULD have been......