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  1. Hi. I recently moved to CA and my RN license finally Transferred. I live in San Jose and was wanting to know the best Hospitals to work for? How is the pay for 4 years experience? Do the hospitals here work every other weekend or every 3rd weekend? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   jamela1989
    I'm in the same boat. What is your specialty? Have you found anything?
  4. by   Ben_Dover
    Welcome you guys and gals!

    Pay is pretty decent in San Jose, California.... give or take, Home Health/SNF/Dialysis/Registry - $38-$55/hr

    Hospitals with experience, can be somewhere between $48-$63/hr (might even include Stanford and its affiliates)

    If you go to the city, San Francisco, it can range from $62-$77/hr (or even higher)

    These numbers are really rough estimate but close to reality. The difference is if you're applying for an FT vs Per Diem position; The higher end number is mainly for per diems. As we all know, S.F. pays the most and the highest in the U.S. and these numbers doesn't even include shift differentials.

    For what's it worth, a full timer working 40 hours a week can easily fetch somewhere between $130-150K annually.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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  5. by   boywithacoin
    I went to school in SJ, but moved back home to Oregon after graduating, so I haven't worked there. However, I have school chums at pretty much every hospital in the area and in all sorts of specialties. Off the top of my head, I know people at Good Sam, VMC, Kaiser...all seem to be into their places of work. The VA in Palo Alto is a good option, too. All depends on your specialty area, though. For instance, I currently work on a med-surg floor that I love, but would not have been happy on the med-surg floor I did my clinicals at in SJ.