Salary Caps In Ohio?????

  1. Has anyone heard of possible legislation IN PROGRESS NOW to cap RN's at $20.00 & LPN's at $16.00. Also capping Agency wages at no more than $1-$2 dollars over staff wages?? I heard this was in a publication Called nusing weekly(mailer), which I do not receive. It also said hospitals and MD's were supporting it to pass. There by getting the much needed hands on health care, since the "NURSES" have gotten out of hand with their demands. This would force the nurses to work for less or not work saving their budgets, and enabling the hospitals and nursing homes to give much needed supplies to the patients instead of blowing it on wasted nursing wages...I am ready to have my own personal CVA if this is true. I also heard they are sliding this through since the whole spotlight is on the horrble attack on America.No one sems to be aware of any legislation but I don't even know how to find out.Can the government even dictate what we earn, if not employed by a government facility? I am at a total loss on this and would appreciate any feedback out there. HELP !!!!
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  3. by   tara36
    I'm in OH as well - this sounds like it may belong in the Urban Legend category. Checked with OSMA and OHA - nothing like this is on their agendas. Nothing on any other sites as well.

    And, NO, no one can cap our rates in a free market place - the market will decide. It may be that some administrators want to TRY to mess with wage ranges, but for God's sake, WHY would you do that now that we aren't even adequately staffed? Exacerbate the staff problems even further??? Not to mention, that would effectively kill off nursing as a career for incoming students.
  4. by   kewlnurse
    I would definatly cal it a "Urban Legend"... I always get a crack out of that type of stuff.
  5. by   DanRn
    imagine the " nursing shortage" if they tried....... if ya wanna check out the on line version.