1. I was wondering how much the salaries are for NJ? I'm thinking of going into nursing but i'm stuck between 2 other careers (teaching & occupational therapy) and looking for all the pro's and con's. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    I'm not from New Jersey but wanted to express a few things:

    a) Initially the salary for nursing looks pretty good. Unfortunately it tends to stagnate and you end up maybe gettting a 2 - 3% raise per year. Health and dental benefits for nursing have been surprisingly poor - average. You would think the health care industry would make an effort to offer the best health, dental and vision plan. Retirement issues also effect the nursing profession - many other professions ... teaching, law enforcment, fire professionals, etc. have well structured retirement plans. For nursing it varies greatly with each institution. Nursing is a very difficult profession currently. When I was going to school - people told me that I would always be able to find a job....alas I had to move 6 states away to find a full time job. Now we are currently in a nursing shortage that is projected to continue for some time. One positive aspect of nursing is there are many different avenues you can practice in - unfortunately, I have found that most non-hospital nursing jobs have required me to take a salary cut.

    I would recommend you job-shadow a nurse if possible to see if it might be a fit for you...also job shadow the OT and teacher.

    Good luck..... nursing needs more people who will be committed to improving not only patient care but also improving the work conditions for fellow nurses.
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    Check out
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    Thanks for your help!

    I have to make up my mind soon so i can pick my spring semester classes. Any help is appreciated!