Safe but inefficient

  1. This is a matter of ethics,pt. saftey and my liscense.
    Ive previously posted about this,but the situation has evolved,or de-volved.
    Im familiar with one floor at our hospital,mostly alzheimer and geriatrics. When I work on this floor I get meds out,tx. done etc.,in a safe and effcient fasion.
    Ive made med. errors in the past,and Ive vowed to follow the 5 rights , take my time and administer meds safely.
    When Im floated to other floors in which Im not as familiar with and which have a higher acuity and more stuff going on , THE PROBLEM IS,that I have to take my time and be safe in giving meds,but this caution is slowwing me down,meds are late and so are other jobs. It makes me feel ineffcient.
    Would it be a good idea,I think it is, to tell the DON,who has been reasonable and accomodating when she can, to either keep me on the floor Im used to,or if Im going to be floated expect meds to be late as well as other jobs,tx.paper work etc.?
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  3. by   nursenoelle
    Once in a blue moon, at my LTC job, I have to float to other stations. I take the time to double check orders and wristbands and txs,etc. which sometimes causes me to "run late". This is accepted by the management. Maybe you need to float more in order to be more comfortable with the workload in other areas? or as you stated stay on one unit.
  4. by   globalRN
    I think you have very valid concerns. Of course, when you aren't familiar with a unit, the patients or the will need more time to get things done. You are also right to be concerned about the timeliness of your nursing care and the impact on patient outcomes. Documentation would be helpful since technically...a late medication could be a med error too.
    Perhaps, it might be better to speak to your direct supervisor rather than the DON about your valid concerns. The only thing is when you mention your sure to offer a few solutions. (eg. orientation to wards you float to etc) Coming to the table with a few suggestions always helps. Good luck.