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  1. I would like any opinions, experiences, etc. regarding the pros and cons of working in a rural, smaller community setting as opposed to a larger "corporate"-type hospital. I am currently in central IL but hope to eventually move to southern IL which is primarily rural, which I think is more appealing. But, since I have no experience at all (still a student) I was hoping some of the veterans with real-life experience could guide me. Also, I have heard snippits of info regarding programs that reimburse student loans if you take employment in rural areas - anyone have any insight on this? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
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  3. by   hollykate
    Just my two cents. If you are interested in moving to a rural area, go for it. people still get sick there and come to rural hospitals for treatment. In fact, the OSH (outside hospitals) in our area see some of the sickest people first- It is a credit to them (not us, the level one trauma/research facility) that some of these pt's survive to recieve treatment in our facility. You can practice some very interesting nursing.
    The only thing I can think of that you won't see at a rural hospital is maybe transplants, and new treatments like CVVHD, aneurysm coils etc.
    There is some sort of government program like the one you describe, though I think they are now offerring a lot of cash for nurses in the inner cities. Best way to find out about them is to contact the fine. Aide office at your school- they should have a list and who to contact. Good Luck.