RRT vs RN as career choice?

  1. My college offers a cardiorespiratory program to attain the RRT credential. Tha pre-reqs parallel the RN requirements and the NLN pre-admission exam is also required.As their is much less demand for this program compared to RN, I could gain admittance probably 1 year sooner. I'm told the job market is great and the pay is comparable. Granted, the person telling me this is the program director. Can anyone shed some light on this profession? Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   RRT2RN2CRNA
    I know your post is old... but if you're still on here I'm wondering How you made out?

    I'm an RT, and I fully recommend going that route if you don't want to wait to get into an RN program.

    Any q's, let me know...