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how many nurses here either know someone or have actually gotten their LPN, RN, etc...and then went to medical school?... Read More

  1. by   rnoflabor2000
    One of our Docs was an RN and did that all thru Med school to pay for his degree. He's a great and funny guy.

    To SmashingStars: I also toyed with the idea of Med school, but think of the burden. Your malpractice costs a fortune. You are on call, depending upon your specialty. And you have to do this grueling residency. Nah, get your MSN,NP. I spoke with a few Docs and NP about this before I decided to go for the CNM.
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    P.s. Bisquit, that is unacceptable behaviour for a doctor. It was probably those Nurses that got sick of being pushed around, so they decided to become Doctors for all the wrong reasons. So they could do it back to others. I admit that I am more than a little sick of the adolescent "hissy fits" that some of these Doctors have when it isn't going their way!!