RN's from California, please help about the NCLEX...


    Does the State of California now require Social Security Number
    for foreign-educated nurses, for him to be given an ATT for NCLEX examination?

    I'm in a kind of limbo here because I heared reports (unverified) that The California Board of Nursing now requires it..and I already submitted my application to the board.

    Brothers and sisters from California, please help!

    I already tried calling their number, but all I got was a busy line.

    Thanks a million......

    (ATT is Authorization to Test for NCLEX)
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  3. by   Faby
    hi icuhermit : i'm not from California but as I'm seeking job opportunities in America I'm alittle bit well informed than you are. I don't remember by now if the California Nursing Board requires a social Security Number for applying for the NCLEX-RN, but I think you can find it out at their website. you have to go to www.nursingworld.org there you click on Constituent Members Associations, here you will find all the websites of all the nursing board of USA. Then if you want you can e-mail them.
    Good Luck. And if you have any contact for obtaining a nursing position would you please let me know? Cheers from the south
  4. by   JAP,RN
    to icuhermit,

    I'm a filipina nurse working here in the UAE, No... the California BRN doesn't need a SS # when you register for their NCLEX exam. you can take the Nclex without it, But.... when you pass the Nclex you can't get your license without the SS #, then your papers will not be processed by the INS, so you can't file for the so called I-140 for green cards, you'll get stucked, but this will not affect those with CGFNS certificates, they can still have their INS I-140.

    I'm also bound for LA, my agency in LA, advised all their future nurses to get and pass the CGFNS, so they will be able to get their visas soon, luckily I have my CGFNS, so now i'm waiting for my packet 3 which will be out soon this month ( after 4 months of filing). These changes form the Ca BRN came out last July.

    I hope I have enlightened you a bit with regards to Ca BRN, so if you still don't have your CGFNS, start applying now, if you have it, then well and good, keep rollin'.....
  5. by   icuhermit
    to JAP, RN,

    thank you very much for your response.

    the news you sent enlightened me a lot. i can see that
    you are all set for your journey to the U.S. of A. good luck!

    as for me, i just passed my CG last July. (kaloob ng nasa
    itaas.) thanks GOD!

    hey JAP, just continue your winning streak.....and we will
    be right behind you.

    again, thanks for your advice and very relevant info.
    thank you very much.

    (thank you also to Faby....who is all heart and soul in
    her quest for greener pastures.)

  6. by   JAP,RN
    Hi again icuhermit,

    CONGRATULATIONS!... for passing the CGFNS, 2 of my collegues also passed the CG last July, they both took it in Manila.

    Hope to see you in the US someday, GOD willing...

    Good luck to both of us...