1. I have finished my BS and am now considering RNFA or CRNA. Any adivce? I have two 7th graders involved in multiple athletic activities and a spouse with a steady secure profession of his own. The nearest program of study for the CRNA is 3-4 hours away. I would like some information from you all about what I can expect during the programs of study as well as what to expect after the programs are completed. Any info will help. Thanks
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    just wondering...did you just finish your BSN with or without any nursing experience? i don't think that you will get accepted into any CRNA programs without at least 1 or 2 yrs. of nursing, or even ICU experience. i know that these programs are very time consuming and of the 4 ppl i know in the CRNA programs hardly ever work, and are ALWAYS studying if they are at home or at work. most of them don't have kids, and say they don't know how they would do it if they did. now, i am not in a program and am not going through this, but this is just from talking to ppl...