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  1. First, let me say that allnurses.com is a website that is close to my heart. I've made many friends here and learned so much that I can't imagine what I used to do without it.

    I started nursing school after the youngest of my six kids was in school all day. The wild bunch got a kick out of all us doing our homework together. DD #3 insisted we have a joint high school/college graduation party.

    My first job was on a stressful subacute unit in a large nursing home. It was more like a step-down unit in acute care setting and it was just me and two aides on noc shift. I was definitely in over my head, but I came away with good assessment skills and the ability to swim with waves crashing over my head.

    Next, I spent many years in psych and felt at home there. No cracks, please. I worked mostly on an acute inpatient child and adolescent locked unit and really liked the kiddos. They were angry but, oh, so honest.

    Eventually, it was time to move on. Or rather, take a break. I took a few years off to concentrate on family needs. DD #2 has four children, two of whom have serious special needs. Through their many hospital stays, I have become familiar with spina bifida and cerebral palsy and the many concerns these patients and their loved ones contend with on a daily basis.

    Two years ago, I was ready to return to nursing, but wanted to find a "happy place." I now work postpartum (mother/baby) in a busy urban hospital, and I love it. Lots of teaching. Lots of nurturing--both the wee ones and their mamas (and other family members, as well). I am now studying for certification in maternal/child nursing.

    Until last summer, I was also an EMT-basic. Did that for 17 years and found it challenging and fulfilling. I was a CPR instructor for a good part of that time and taught many classes where I worked.

    The "writer" part of my name is also important to me. I have had short stories published, won a couple of writing awards, and have judged writing contests and taught online writing courses.

    My primary interest is fiction. I've been working on a novel for more years than I care to mention, and, in the process, have traveled to Ireland and Northern Ireland three times and amassed a collection of 3000+ books (not all of them related to my book). We also met some warm and wonderful people who have provided a steady stream of information and encouragement.

    I feel honored to serve with such an incredible group of interesting, talented, and downright decent people as my fellow moderators.

    I count myself blessed to have found this board.
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