RN to BSN programs online, which did you complete?

  1. Apologies if posting in the wrong forum..is there a discussion about online RN to BSN programs and which are recommended?
    thank you
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  3. by   roosmom
    I'm about two weeks into my online RN-BSN program. We don't really have a specific forum that I know of. It would be great to see if there's enough interest to get one started.
  4. by   icyounurse
    I did mine at University of South Alabama's program, which was mostly online. Although did require me to do a second practicum (had already done one for my ADN) and some "community" stuff, like presentations on handwashing at a day care, ect. I had to take some classes like statistics, macroeconomics, ect before I could get into the "online" component and I took those in a classroom since they werent offered online.
    But the program there is pretty affordable compared to others, you should check out their website.

    Good luck!!
  5. by   RN4Healing
    I completed an excellent BSN at Deaconess College of Nursing, now called Chamberlain I think, through The College Network. Of interest, I had completed my diploma in St Louis, and had the same teachers online as I did for my land based diploma school.
    I just finished my MS at FAU, and most of my classes were on line. I much prefer the flexibity of online!
  6. by   SunnyAZRN
    Hi There !!
    I am currently getting my BSN through Grand Canyon University. I feel like I am learning quite a bit. It's a 15 month program. No clinicals required. I particularly enjoy the discussions that we have online - so many nurses with varying specialties makes it very interesting. Good luck with whatever one you decide to go with!
  7. by   thekid
    has anyone started up a BSN program after taking time off as an RN? (inactive status for a number of years)?