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Any recommendations for a good online course to get your BSN? I've just started looking & would really like to do this from home if at all possible. Would really appreciate any input you can give!!... Read More

  1. by   NJNursing
    I'm starting my BSN/MSN program in January through Drexel University. The BSN portion is completely online and some of the MSN classes are as well.
  2. by   ksrn2004
    Thanks everyone for the advice! I'm checking several out right now. Does anyone know anything about Regis University? I got something in the mail & was just checking them out along with the others.
  3. by   indigosoul329
    RN to BSN online...I was enrolled in Jacksonville University's online BSN program, and only recently stopped (temporarily) for financial reasons. I loved the courses, and found that their 8-week sessions were more my speed than a traditional semester-long session - faster paced, of course, but that's exactly what I wanted.

    My only complaint about the program thus far is that in order to use financial aid through the school, you have to pay for the session first on a credit card or whatever, and THEN you get the loan check several weeks into the course. I found that difficult to manage even initially and currently can not register for that reason, and that reason alone. It's a bummer, but it's my own poor financial planning - the program itself is great.