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  1. Hi! I'm a nursing student.(still in the prosses of getting my BSN)
    Can you please tell me what starting salary I can expect from a hospital, after getting my RN? Thank you.
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  3. by   TXERRN
    When I started 3 years ago in an internship program I started at $14-15/hr. In 2 years up to $16/hr. Now I make PRN rate over $24-26/hr full time. It all depends on where you live. Texas pays well, from what I understand. My mom has been a CCU nurse for 30+ years in Pennsylvania and I make more than she does, so it all depends on where you live....
    Good luck!
  4. by   gpip
    hi yana...
    it depends on where you are. the hospital I work at here in michigan the starting salary for new grads is $17.85.Look at shift diff and the other benefits the hospital offers. As you probably already know most hospitals do not pay differant for ADN, BSN, or diploma, if that is important to you check around some hospitals do. The best way to find out about these things in your area is to look in the paper and call some of the hospitals in your area or the area you want to live. I hope this is helpful to you good luck with school
  5. by   Born 2 B In OB
    Check out www.salary.com. You can find geographical salary information for most fields (including nursing).