RN salary in St.Cloud Hospital

  1. hi, is there anybody knows how much they offer for a BSN-RN in st.cloud hospital as a starting salary? do they offer sign on bonus? i am an experienced nurse and looking for a job in st.cloud area.
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  3. by   Be_Moore
    There used to be a website (like Salary.com) which allowed users to post information about salaries at specific facilities. Does anyone else know of / remember this site? I can't remember what it was called.

    To answer the OP, if you have experience there won't be a "set" pay that anyone can tell you. They probably have a formula or a sliding scale to determine pay. Best bet is to put in an application and resume, then call the Nurse Recruiter afterward and ask to talk about salary. Many facilities don't want to talk about salary until you've applied...but it only takes like 5-10 minutes to apply and doesn't obligate you to interview.