RN program with no medical experience

  1. Is it hard to go thru a RN program with no medical experience?
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  3. by   shrasberry
    It doesn't matter it is a challenge either way...I did not have any hospital experience and I finished nursing school and some people who did have experience found it just as challenging like the ones without the experience. Nursing school is a utopia of learning and when you take exams you have to throw out the real world experience so if you have none thats ok, cause it does not matter one way or another.
  4. by   LocoStrange
    I am currently in an RN program without any medical experience. Granted, it helps a little when I could call my brother up for questions since he is a doctor. And there are times when having experience could help out but, in the over all picture, I am doing fine. Not to mention, I also have classmates (with medical experience) coming up to me and asking me for advice or whatever.

    As shrasberry said, its a learning experience for everyone. And a small problem is that a small percentage of medical experience classmates... also have a little stubborn-ness to do them. Its a small percentage but it still is a percentage.