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    i am currently a rn in a level I/level II nursery in south carolina. i am relocating to nyc in may and i am wondering what is the base salary for rns with a couple years exp? also how are the working conditions?? i have seen a lot of stuff on the nysna and ny education websites about mandatory overtime. any info will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    #1 In NYC, something like 99% of the working nurses are unionized with the state nurses assoc in closed shops - which means if you take a job in those facilities, as a condition of employment, you automatically become a member of the New York State Nurses Assoc, and its union branch, as well as a member of the American Nurses Assoc, and its national labor union branch - the United American Nurses/AFL-CIO. Your dues for all is just one fee - equal to 1.6% of the lowest base salary in the region & are deducted once a month from your paycheck. Few hospitals in NYC are not unionized. Very few have their own union that is just at their own facility & some are represented by trade unions like SEIU/1199 (and those nurses pay higher dues - over 2% of their salary - but are not members of the ANA or UAN). NYSNA nurses control nursing in NYC & NY state.

    #2 NYSNA nurses' bill to ban mandatory ot for healthcare workers in this state has been sponsored by many NY legislators & is currently going thru the process for passage into state law - but is being heavily fought against by hospital associations & their buddies.

    #3 to get around that, our union is obtaining contract language facility by facility all around the state that bans or severely restricts mandatory ot at each facility. Philosophy is Why wait for the law to get around to it? We can do it ourselves.

    Because of the contracts we negotiate & obtain (sometimes have to fight for), we do not have merit raise systems or "call offs" in this city, where you get sent home without pay if the census is low, as they do in other states. We have negotiated compensation of several thousand dollars/yr for education, degrees, certifications, years of experience, shift differentials, and charge pay. Amounts vary facility by facility depending on what the RNs at each facility negotiated & agreed to for themselves, but usually they are all in the same ballpark. To get an idea of what that is, check out the following contracts recently obtained by NYSNA RNs in the NYC & its metropolitan are. They have set the standard & "market rates" this year:

    Nurses at Presbyterian Approve Breakthrough Contract

    Westchester Med RNs approve landmark contract

    New Saint Vincents Contract Sets the Pace

    Mount Sinai nurses approve new contract

    Staten Island University Hospital Nurses Approve New Contract
    Abolishes mandatory overtime & guarantees safe staffing levels


    St. Catherine's RNs approve contract that limits overtime and ensures safe staffing http://www.nysna.org/NEWS/PRESS/pr2002/pr030902.htm

    Samaritan Nurses Approve New Contract http://www.nysna.org/NEWS/PRESS/PR2001/PR092001.HTM

    More info can be viewed on the NYSNA website, including the Jobs Opportunities page, the Collective Bargaining page, & the Represented Facilities page
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    thanks for the very informative post -jt. it was truly more than i expected.

  5. by   -jt
    <it was truly more than i expected.>

    The post or the salaries?

    (if you mean the salaries, keep in mind those are union facilities & the nurses are represented by NYSNA. Salaries at non-union facilities or other unions often will be less).
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    the post was more than i expected. i currently make 30.00 per hour base pay without the hospital's benefits. the salaries may be around the same for me between carolina and nyc, only with benefits.
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    -jt, your post and the attachments were very easy. I am originally from NY, and I do plan on moving back when I complete my nursing degree. One reason (a major one) is that I miss NY like crazy, the other is financial. It is probably half what you can get in NY and believe me, the Cost of Living is not that low in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.

    Thanks again for your post!
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    I'm sorry, I meant to say very informative.
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    <the salaries may be around the same for me between carolina and nyc>

    That depends on the number of your years of experience, your degree or specialty certification and the shift you choose to work. It would be about the same only if you are a new grad & working day shift. Add about $5000/yr more for eve/night shift. At hospitals where the RNs are unionized with NYSNA, new grads with an ADN & no experience are starting with a base salary of about $30/HR. You have to add thousands more to the salary for years of experience, degree, specialty certification, & eve/night shift. And NYSNA RNs pay nothing from their salaries for their health benefits. If youre looking for a job, check out the list of Represented Facilities on the NYSNA website & look for a position in one of those places. Most of them have their own websites so you can idea about the hospitals & contact the ones that appeal to you.

    Good luck.
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