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  1. I recently received my AD degree and became an RN applicant in Dec. after being an LPN for 11 yrs. I passed the NCLEX on thurs., but still did not receive my official license. Has anybody been denied a raise until they receive their license? Don't RN apps receive RN pay? My boss will not give me a raise until I have my license! I work in the school system and not a hospital, so I think someone in the big office is not sure how to handle this.
    Need advice! Is this a good reason to dump this job and find another one?:angryfire
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  3. by   kimmie518
    To quit a job over a few weeks of without having raise is ridiclious.

    Are your duties of an LPN or RN right now?
  4. by   elemschoolnurse
    We are paid on a monthly basis for the previous month worked. I won't see the money to be exact until March 20! To me thats a long time.
  5. by   AlsgalRN
    Congratulations, Elemschoolnurse! My health system will not hire you to work as an RN until you pass boards. If you are an LPN, you work as an LPN and get paid as an LPN until you have the RN license and RN position. We don't hire RN Apps. I graduated in 1985. I very fondly remember taking a black felt tipped pen to my first name tag. It was black with our name and title engraved in white. It was a wonderful feeling to mark out that A so the tag read RN. Of course, it was a different world then. We all took boards over a two day period in June and got the results via snail mail in August!