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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can answer a question for me about getting licensed in CA...

    I am currently a student, but concerned about whether or not taking an anti-depressant will cause me to not be able to get licensed to work as an RN in CA.

    I have been dealing with depression for the last few months now and my doctor has wanted to put me on antidepressants, but I have not wanted to take any medication. Now I am starting to think its the only thing that will help me from getting worse, but dont want to start taking them if it might inhibit me from working once school is done.

    Does anyone know any information on this? Any guidance is really appreciated!!
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  3. by   MrRacer98
    Not an issue.... Dont know CA, but that is your personal medical record. Has nothing to do with your job. If you cannot handle the job once you start, it will be evident shortly then you can deal with it... but as long as you are mentally stable as most people on anti-depressants are... Its a non-issue
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    If all the nurses taking antidepressants were kept from maintaining their licenses, there would be a large deficit in nurses. If you have any questions concerning licensing, call the Board and ask someone directly. Since you are a student, this is also an appropriate question for one of your nursing instructors or even your doctor.
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