RN-CAT test...anyone know the reliability??

  1. I am in an ASN program, graduating in 4 weeks. We took an RN-CAT test the other day. This test is supposed to be very similar to the boards. My computer shut off after 90 questions, and I got an 82%. Does anyone know how reliable the RN-CAT test results are. I am thinking about just taking the NCLEX-RN as soon as I graduate, without really spending tons of time studying. But...when I took the NCLEX-PN for my LPN I spent almost six weeks studying before I took that and passed. Can anyone who has taken this RN-CAT test give me an idea of how reliable those results are as far as that test vs. the real boards? Thanks.
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  3. by   ButterflyRN04
    I took the RN-CAT about 2 months before we graduated. I failed it miserably the first time because I was extremely nervous and put too much pressure on myself. The second time, I passed with a 90%. I passed the NCLEX the first time I took it. My RN-CAT experience was very valuable. I made a promise to myself to prepare well enough for the NCLEX so that I would not be nervous when i took it. I prepared for 6 weeks and I felt so confident that the day before the NCLEX I did not touch any review material. Because you got an 82% doesn't mean you will/will not pass the NCLEX. It just means that if you would have taken the NCLEX on that particular day, you would have passed. My advice to you is to prepare yourself for the NCLEX by taking practice exams. Focus on test-taking strategies not so much on the material. You already know that stuff.