Rewards of nursing

  1. There a lots of times in our nursing careers when we question ourselves regarding why we do what we do. For whatever reason, we question, we had a bad day at work, the manager is on my case again, my coworkers are ignorant to the meaning of teamwork, the doctors treat me disrespectfully. Then there are those little things that happen that make us go, YES!, this is why I became a nurse.-------------Today I received a phone call, at home, from a lady whom I have cared for off and on at my hospital for the last...probably 13yrs of my 15yr career. She called to say that yesterday she turned 50yrs old and that she was so very grateful that she had made it this far. She has had numerous health problems, has Epstein-Barr and frequents the hospital for monthly IGG infusions, not to mention numerous surgeries and bouts with bilateral pneumonia, the list goes on and on. But the reason for her call was to thank me....for helping her achieve her 50th birthday, to thank me for my care and to let me know how much she appreciates what I do.

    I am not posting this to blow my own horn or to solicit a pat on the back because we are all good at what we do or we wouldnt be in it. Am I right? I am merely posting this because I was blown away by this lady's genuine gratefulness for nursing care. She made my day in a big way and she helped me forget all the bad things about our profession for a while. So keep pluggin away. You are all a super, terrific group of special nurses and you touch someone everyday in a comforting , compationate way and they will never forget you. Even if they dont tell you.-----Julie
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  3. by   cactus wren
    How wonderful, Julie. What a great gal she was, to call you. And kudos for you for making a positive impact on her.
  4. by   sjoe
    Very nice. Once every several thousand patients we get a significant reward--whether we need it or not.
  5. by   Disablednurse
    When I was working, I called things like that "little warm fuzzies" and certainly loved getting them. Congrats on your "little warm fuzzy".
  6. by   altomga
    That was sooo sweet of that lady. And yes you do deserve a pat on the back...TOOT your horn all you want. It is this type of special people that take the time to say Thank You that makes this job worth it.
  7. by   Shamrock
    Good for you. People are far to quick to complain as opposed to commenting on the things that have
    gone right.
  8. by   Tiiki
    Cudos to you!! Celebrate that call!! Too often we are caught up in the negitivity of our work, pts complaining, DR's frustrations. We may forget our reasons for choosing our profession.

    I am often asked "why are you a nurse." My respose has not changed. I will reply that.."where else can you work where you will see a positive outcome every day, regardless of the difficulties. Where else you deal daily with life and death struggles, where you celebrate the victories and mourn the defeats. Where else can you make a difference." I'd like to think I make a difference.

  9. by   mageean
    It's always nice to receive appreciation for your efforts and this type of thing makes the job worthwhile. There are more people who appreciate nurses than those who dont. Enjoy the kudos, you worked for it and deserve it!!
  10. by   majrn everyone, and yes Jo-anne you do make a difference
  11. by   tattooednursie
    Being a CNA has given me a life really! I think its one of the most rewaring jobs there is. I think being a nurse will be the same as far as rewarding goes.