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  1. can somebody pls give me a tip on what to write in my resume..i am a fresh graduate of BSN and no working experience yet. when im searching online mostly they prefer to hire with working experience so i want to put something in my resume that will convince them to hire me....i hope somebody can help me,..thanks
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  3. by   abooker
    You can do a google search (or whatever search engine you prefer) on "resume new graduate".

    I thought this one looked good:

    Best of luck on your job search
  4. by   llg
    You also may want to emphasize face-to-face contact with nurse managers and recruiters whenever possible. If you reduce their image of you to only the words on a resume, your lack of experience will stand out. However, if they see and meet an appealing young nurse who makes a good personal impression, that will be to your advantage.

    Job fairs, career fairs, etc. can be great for that. You can also "network" as you do your school clinical rotations. (e.g. Ask the nurse manager about the hiring process and/or if she will be hiring new grads in the near future, etc.) By showing your interest and giving them a chance to see and hear you as a real person (and not just an impersonal document on paper or online), you help yourself to stand out from the crowd that only submits a document.
  5. by   NurseyTonyaLPN
    i have a great resume book, it shows examples and explains how to write a great resume using what you have. one example shows how to play up on your education if you don't have a lot of experience, such as a new grad. you go into more details on what you learned. i'm sure you can find a similar book in your local library or book store. it also shows how to play up experience and volunteer work if you don't have a lot of education, in case anyone else was wondering. hope this helps. Tonya LPN
  6. by   mjfilipina
    hi NurseyTonyaLPN,
    what's the name of your resume book. i'm also a fresh graduate and i studied in the philippines. and i'm having a bit of trouble with my resume.

  7. by   rkitty198
    I would invest in having a professional do it. I used to do all of my own resumes and decided to bite the bullet and pay someone to do it. Let me tell you I couldn't believe what an amazing job she did! I had only one nursing job before and I didn't have a whole lot of experience and it really turned out beautiful.
    With the troubles in the economy and hardly any jobs in nursing out there, it might be worth it!
  8. by   aelnamara
    The below link is an excellent source! It specifically shows what a BSN Graduate resume should look like, it helped me tons Modify it to fit your educational background and experience, use a Word template, and you'll be good to go