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  1. good day! we will conduct a research paper about the influence of grey's anatomy to nursing students' point of view on their careers and we are about to make a review of related literature....... honestly, i'm not a fan and i haven't watched it yet. it's the favourite among our class but i never took the chance to watch it simply because i didn't want to conform and was too busy with other things......... now i'm planning to watch it and probably 'hook' myself to it for the betterment of the research paper...

    what possible subtopics should i discuss in the review of related literature...??? thank you very much.
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  3. by   rotary
    Grey's Anatomy's main characters are all physicians. The show never focuses on nurses and they're almost invisible in the hospital.

    You may have better luck with basing your paper off of ER instead.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    I don't watch tv much because of work, and I certainly don't watch anything medical on my off time on TV. I come here! LOL!

    But hmmmmm lets see, maybe...this may be can do a spin on what nurses actually LIKE about the program? Do they relate to some of these characters? Do they feel that this show can give a good insight to what the doc nurse relationship is really like? Do they feel that if nursing played a larger role in the show it would be better (why or why not)? Do they feel the public watching will appreciate nursing more because of the show or not?

    All I have heard is that it basically portrays nurses as background noise so to speak...and I have no interest in watching something about MD's lives...I can see that in real life every working day with actual REAL MD's that I actually care about! It is like I always say..."I am a real one, I don't have to play one on TV!"
  5. by   zacarias
    Grey's Anatomy is pathetic. If if is influencing new nurses or students, we are in trouble. The shows while attempting drama occasionally, consists of sex, sex, and more sex. Superiors having sex with subordinates, syphilis outbreaks amongh HEALTHCARE staff for blatant know, typical hospital stuff.....NOT!
  6. by   Megsd
    I don't feel it impacts my view of my profession at all. My classmates are fans and got me interested. I enjoy watching it for what it is: crazy drama, just set in the medical field. Personally my classmates and I mostly watch it for the patient cases. We like listening to the doctors' assessments of the problem and then announcing the probable condition, nursing diagnoses and interventions. We think of it like study practice. Of course, we also do the same thing when watching "real life" medical shows on TLC or Discovery or any of those.

    Since I just started watching it a few months ago and was hopelessly confused by the plot of who's dating/sleeping with/married to who, I Netflixed the other seasons. There is actually ONE episode at the very beginning of the series where one of the patients is a doctor's retired scrub nurse who is basically treated like a celebrity in the hospital and manages to teach the arrogant doctor a few lessons about bedside manner, patient care, and respect for human life. It was kind of nice to watch.

    Aside from that, though, as others have said, nurses are pretty much nonexistent. I doubt (or at least hope) that any nursing students who are fans realize this is not how hospitals really are. I think (or again, hope) you will have a hard time getting a lot of students to proclaim how the show has given them insight into the nursing profession.
  7. by   nomoreblues
    a heartfelt thanks to all of you... honestly i dont know where to start.... thanks for your replies... happy holidays!!
  8. by   JohnBearPA
    The first season of Grey's reminded me alot of NS, with the diff being the procedures the interns did compared to what we as students did. We were pretty much treated the same way tho, as the bottom of the ladder, and basically stupid and worthless. The residents reminded me of several of my instructors, and the episode where George asks "Does anyone else feel like they don't know what they're doing?" basically asking if everyone else felt dumb and overwhelmed also brought back some memories for me.
  9. by   nomoreblues
    yeah... that's exactly what we feel whenever we have duties in private hospitals... that's the very reason why i'm more interested in learning and working in government/public hospitals wherein we get to do the REAL work, learn a bunch from it and at the end of the day we can be proud of what we learned and we didn't get embarrassed or something...