Reputation of current facility limit future jobs?

  1. Hello everyone I am a new nurse, still within my "first year" title. I am currently working at a Sub-Acute/LTC facility, defiantly not my "cup of tea", but at the time, I was eager to start working and had a way into the place. I've been there for about 7-8 eight months. In all honesty, I am not happy there. I don't feel that the place I am at is safe for me and my future as well as my license. I document everything to the point where my supervisor said to me, "It looks like you're trying to cover up things with all this documention and your wording." Now, that just blew my hat off, for what reason would I be covering up something? I describe in detail of the nursing care I provide because at the place I'm at the #1 complaint is "nothing being done for my family member" among other things....

    Anyway, enough with the chatty-cat..

    My dream is to become a L&D nurse, one of the reasons why I wanted to become a nurse. I've been applying at every hospital in my area for not only L&D positions but also for simple med/surg -- and I'm not even getting a call back! I've called several facilities to follow-up, with no return phone calls (they are always on lunch/in a meeting/etc). I'm starting to wonder if it's my resume perhaps or the reputation the facility I'm working at has? I'm not even sure.

    Anyway, the reason for this post is to get some input (or perhaps a re-direction to a previous posts) about outstanding things to include in my resume to atleast get me an interview. I'm not only going for a L&D position but anything to get out of the place I'm at before I don't even know what, lol. I'm an excellent nurse, I never get a complaint from any of my residents (they complain about every other nurse/cna/whoever to me and always remark on how "efficient" I am), I enjoy working with the residents I have. I'm kind, always with a smile, laughter, attentiveness. I somehow can't put my personality down on a darn resume! Any help will be appreciated! Thanks for reading my Thursday evening 'vent' !
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