Report: Blatant discriminations against NJ's American Indians

  1. Blatant discrimination against American Indians thrives in New Jersey, a report presented Wednesday to the governor has found.
    The report given to Gov. Jon S. Corzine by the New Jersey Committee on Native American Community Affairs found "lingering discrimination, ignorance of state history and culture, and cynicism rather than shining celebration of the state's tribal members."
    "We were disappointed to learn that New Jersey lags behind rather than leads at least 15 other states, which recognize, respect and celebrate their tribal people through legislative, executive, or agency action," the report states. "We were saddened that subtle even blatant discrimination still can thrive in New Jersey."
    New Jersey has an estimated 20,000 American Indians in the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape, the Powhatan Renape and Ramapough Lenape tribes.

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