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  1. since I can't post right to you thread, but did want to post.
    My experience from the local Nursing Homes that waould send us patient was nothing like youd describe that you do.
    We would get these poor little folks at 2200 in the evening for altered LOC, or geriatric psych eval. Like you are going to be able to get a reliable eval when it is past their bedtime and then send them to s strange noisy place past their bedtime..... They would have a generic transfer form that would not have so much as the name of the Nursing Home, much less a phone number. No clue as to medical history except by looking at the MAR. ( Oh he is on insulin...he is diabetic, etc.)
    They of course we be in that thread bare see through pt gown, especially if it was really cold outside. With that blocked off foley, that we would wonder how long has been plugged and no one had noticed.

    Sorry, do i sound bitter.
    I could only wish that we could have a 10th of what you are supplying.
    Maybe if you take a highlight marker to basic pertinent info...i don't know just a suggestion.
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