1. At one Rehab unit where I did clinical, there is a lot of hostility and antagonism between the physical therapists and the nurses. The PTs blow their stack at any interruption and inconvenience while the nurses try their best to accommodate and tip toe around them.

    I heard one PT scream at an RN because he found that his patient had a dirty diaper when he went to get him for his scheduled theray. The RN wanted to know how she was supposed to control when the patient had a bowel movement.

    This, naturally, filtered down to the student RNs who were perceived as a less-than-necessary evil by the PTs.

    Is this friction common?
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  3. by   mamason
    Unfortunatley, I have seen this type of behavior at clinicals as a student and at my last place of employment. But, the hostility came form the Rn's and also the PT's. I guess, both are trying to keep up with their busy schedules and get frustrated if something caused them to slow down their routine.