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Sick and tired of being forced to work 16 hours and always short of staff, I have started JUST SAYING NO. Last night my Supe anounced to me that I HAD to stay. Told her no. An hour later a DON... Read More

  1. by   nrsjo
    I used to do mandatory overtime, only because the facility I work for told us that we could lose our license due to "patient abandonment", and that the facility covers any liability if something happens because you were tired, etc. Then I called the licensing board. I found that as long as I didn't accept the assignment, it wasn't abandonment. If something happens to a patient because you were tired, you are liable. Since being fired isn't the worse thing in the world, I started refusing to be mandated. I feel bad for the people who stay, but I can't risk an accident at work or on the way home because I'm tired. And frankly, the job is not worth risking my own well being for.