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Is there anyone who has had some experience with this problem? Those of us in pool who take no benefits and receive 25% "no-benefit" pay are being called into the office and told the hospital is... Read More

  1. by   walk6miles
    How it turned out:

    I went down less than 2.00 an hour (OUCH) but what they said makes sense: they are the only facility in 2 counties to pay anything for "no benefits". I don't like it but I had no choice.
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  2. by   walk6miles
    Happy Ending!

    The hospital administrators met with us in small groups. The outcome is that those with the bonus will keep it in place. New hires will not be offered the option. A win-win! Yippee!!!
  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    The hospital here in town that I work at PRN recently did away with the 25% plus program (no benefits=25% above base bonus) with an exception...if you were already on the program, you could sign a waiver that said you would never be able to get benefits from them again, even with "life-changing events" covered under COBRA. The only way around that is to quit and be away from the system for >90 days, then you could be rehired and get benefits.

    I'm not even sure that's legal...I signed it because I couldn't afford the cut in pay. I'm paying off some stuff, then I'm outta there, with no intention of coming plans to burn bridges but I'm done! That was the final nail in the coffin.