Recycled gall stone

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  3. by   P_RN
    Not exactly but still a "story."

    At the start of our first clinical rotation in the Catholic hospital the Sister was taking us down the corridor showing us the layout etc. She peeked in one room and said "oh, my his 'pitcher' is full."
    One of the students volunteered to take care of it and then catch up with the group.

    About 10 minutes later from down the hall we all heard........

    BAM, CLANK, what the ******!!!!!@#$%^

    It seems Sister was calling the urinal a pitcher....the student thought the urinal WAS a (water) pitcher and emptied it and went the extra mile and refilled it with ICE.

    'Mr. Patient' lifting the 'pitcher' thinking it had room for one more 'use' placed his.........oh heck you get the picture!

    COLD DAY IN HE** comes to mind.