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  1. I got an e-mail the other day about how to manage junk mail. Said to take the postage-paid envelopes and mail back all their flyers that are stuck in the envelope. I am not sure I have the time to bother, much easier to rip in two and throw in the recycling can, but....

    It did give me an idea for nursing recruiter junk mail. Yesterday I got one from a consulting firm, telling me about the wonderful opportunities in a southern pa hospital, blah blah blah. Didn't name the hospital. So, I took the postage paid reply card and wrote in red pen...

    "I would not work for a hospital who wastes money on consulting firms instead of passing that money on to nurses. I also would not work for a hospital who refuses to identify itself in this kind of cheasy advertising. When a hospital will not identify itself, it makes me think they have a bad rep, and is probably a "pit" to work in."

    Yes, it all fit on the small space!

    I have told another consulting firm there is no way I would return to work as staff in a hospital, yet they called me again!! It is very annoying to get these phone calls. The first one left a message on my machine about a wonderful opportunity with a consulting firm. I was stupid enough to think they wanted my expertise as a consultant, it was for this local hospital to work as staff!! They twist and turn their words, and I don't appreciate that! I am no naive youngster, and their appraoch is everyone!

    I encourage anyone else who feels as I do to send back those reply cards with your opinion as well. Hey, the postage is already paid, why waste it?
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  3. by   prn nurse
    I can just see you sockin it to them. I started doing that about a year ago. Someone told me you can call your state board and get your name removed from their ad list....yes, they sell the lists.