Recommendations for good Clinical reference books

  1. Hi everyone,

    I usually post in the "First year of nursing forum" since I'm in my first year still but thought I'd post hear hoping to get a bigger response.

    Since I'm working in med/surg as you all know you see a wwwiidddeee range of medical issues, I was looking to get myself a little "reference" book to carry with me to job my memory on what our important nursing diagnosis to remember, what key symptoms to look for, with various conditions.

    This way when in the a.m. after I get report if I don't know I can quickly flip and just refresh my memory on the most important things to keep in mind with that pt for the day?

    So any one have any little diagnosis/pocket books they used that you find particulary helpful? Oh, also I'm looking to get a good reference book on diagnositic tests if any one has recommenations for these as well.

    thanks for any advice/recommendations..
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  3. by   NaomieRN
    I just purchased the Brunner and Suddarth Medical Surgical Hanbook 10th edition. I love it!