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I've been a nurse for 2 years now and my second year has been much worse than the first. I find myself not wanting to go to work because I know I'm going to make some stupid mistake. I feel like I... Read More

  1. by   suespets
    Chris ,where are you? people are comin up w/lots of possble solutions, but we don't know the caliper of your mistakes, I'm guessing youv'e not talked to anyone about your feelings,& to stay that long, takes alot of hutzpa, but can be detrimental to your all around health.please forward more info! sue
  2. by   Thndrstorm23
    Natcat I was meaning a patient not the nurse on the bathroom breaks - implying the importance of prioritizing.
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  3. by   christmasjmt
    Thanks for the helpful replies. I am a little confused by some of them. I really don't have any anger management issues or issues with doctors and am not sure where that whole thread came from. I work PRN (maybe 6-8 shifts a month) in the hosptial float pool. As far as my "stupid mistakes" are concerned. They really are stupid, for instance the other night I gave 1mg of Ativan (0.5ml) instead of 0.5mg. Then another day when it was crazy busy on a tele floor with 6 patient and 2 waiting on me to discharge them plus one other that had an upset family, I gave a lady her metoprolol without first checking her blood pressure which was 90/58. I usually always check vitals myself and not rely on the ones the aide took at 7am when I pass my 9am meds. I could go on but nothing I've done has resulted in any injury to any patient and I'm sure they do happen to everyone. I just feel so bad when I go home after a shift when I've made a mistake. I'll think what if something happens to the patient, I should have done this or I should have done that, etc... I'll think about it for days and feel like work will be calling any minute to tell me not to come back. I've never been written up or in trouble so I really don't understand what my problem is. Maybe I do need to just slow down. (I would love to have the time to take regular bathroom breaks or even one in the first 9 hours of my shift). Who knows what I've done wrong and don't even realize it. I think I would like to try something other than hospital nursing but the schedule is so flexible and I can't give that up with regards to my family right now. Is it ever going to get better? Are there any nursing jobs out side of the hospital with the ability to work anytime 24/7? Should I get out of nursing and just dedicate myself to playing the lottery? I really do appreciate all of your input.