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I have a question......why is it that in all of these message forums I see nurses complain about their work but fail to suggest any ideas for improvement? I read many of you speaking of... Read More

  1. by   NoelaniRN
    Wow TRN, you really wacked the hornets nest with this topic! It's good to see that no matter the degree or the years in nursing, people are still passionate about their jobs and especially about their patients! As a former travel nurse, I've been places and seen burnout everywhere but I've also seen team work and pulling together in times of need. I always try to make a difference where ever I go and I VOICE my opinion and stir things up when need be and if the administration doesn't like, oh well..........there's always another hospital waiting in the wings! I now work with some wonderful nurses and I've seen alot of change in them over last 4 months because they realize that SOMEONE will support them even if it's only to knock on the nurse managers door and ask how she can justify sending someone home when we're so short staffed to begin with?! I encourage everyone to stand up for their patients as well as themselves with a laugh and a smile. At least you can go home and look at your self in the mirror and feel good! I've been doing this for a while now, some days are better than others, the staffing is a little better and the companionship on our floor has blossomed. Yes, I become frustrated and get "talked to" occasionally (I feel like I'm being sent to the principals office some times), I've shed my fair share of tears and thrown my hands up in the air but I'll never quit! I love my job and when a patient holds my hand and says "thank you for being such a wonderful person" then I know that it was worth all of the hair pulling and stress! Do an anoymous survey on your floor about job satisfaction and patient safety and give one to each person with a deadline to turn it in to your nurse manager and administration. The voices can be heard without being specifically targeted! At least it's something and boy what a venting avenue! And yes, I need my job because I too have a family to support but I need my self respect more and so my quest continues..........and TRN, groups like the ANA hold conventions and talk to congress and lobby for support every day for nurses everywhere but unfortunately, things still haven't gotten better. If we keep telling ourselves that things can better and strive to make then so then maybe before I retire they will
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    Originally posted by TRN:
    I have a question......why is it that in all of these message forums I see nurses complain about their work but fail to suggest any ideas for improvement? I read many of you speaking of unions....have any of you tried to implement your ideas???

    [red]When I tried to advocate for the patients and my license by refusing an unsafe assignment, I was transferred and ultimately fired. Many of the nurses said that I did what they wanted to do but are too afraid of being black balled, which is what happened to me. One person can't do it by themselves. Sometimes, I just want to picket my ex-job, all by myself, but I don't know if I'd get backing or ridicule; so, I just sit and do nothing. It's not easy for a nurse to give up her only source of income. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to jeopardize their livelihoods.[/red]

    No wonder we are not respected. We sit and complain, but do nothing. Who would repesct that?? Let me give you some advice....DO SOMETHING and stop complaining. Write letters to the government, join ANA, get petitions started....anything to show administration we are serious. I don't mean to be rude, but you all sound like a bunch of lazy, nagging housewives. Remember Nurses...we are trained professionals who are educated to DO something. Write to newpapers about the horrible conditions. Anything! I'm a student nurse and I see the situation is bad, but I can guarantee you I will find ways to change it. And no, that is not idealistic, it's proactive. The ones who sit back and complain but do nothing should be ashamed of themself. Sorry if this message sounds harsh but I've heard enough and the truth may hurt...but maybe this will motivate someone to ge a little more involved. Do you think doctors or lawyers would sit and do nothing? No, because they are we all are. PLease ladies and gentlemen, let's start discussing ideas and pull together. We should be proud of our profession.

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