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  1. Hi, I'm jessica. This is my second visit here at all and I'm having a problem, because the last time I visit here I found a thread that has a direct link about Med-surg, then I forgot what was that thread. The link shows animation about human anatomy, cells, process of Blood pressure, the CNS function, the transmission of neurotransmitter to the brain, then there's a synapse, axons. Also shows the function of GABA in the brain. That's all I remember, please HELP... I have to see that link again, anyone can give the direct link I was talking about?

    Also, If I'm not mistaken, The last time I visit that direct link, it has a black background and yellow fonts. And I also remember when I put the cursor on the any word for example "cell" then there appears a sub topic such as cell 1, cell 2, cell 3 and cell 4. Please please help me...thanks! I'll highly appreciate it.
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    I hope someone remembers

    Did you make a post to add to that thread when read that thread? If you did, you can search your own posts in your profile and it'll appear.