1. What percentage raise did you receive this year? Are you union or nonunion? Bonus?

    Non-union; 8%; no bonus
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  3. by   willie2001
    I have gotten a total of 8.5% this year.

    In May, at the time of my eval, I got a paltry 3.5%. then the pay scales were revised and I got an additional 5%. I work in a non-union facility.

    No bonus!
  4. by   neneRN
    Union-12.1%- will get another 2% merit raise this month if over a certain score on yearly eval-we get a yearly lump sum bonus also if hospital meets financial goals (last year was 6% of gross income)
  5. by   pabamick
    Just signed our first contract last January, got a 6.5%raise, just got an additional raise of 7% this week, and expecting another 5% in January. Also got increases in call pay ($6.50hr.), weekend, pm and night differential. Also working on winter bonus program for extra shifts and a retention program for nurses who have remained at our hospital over the years. Don't feel that any of this would have happened with out our unionization with the California Nurses Association.
  6. by   whipping girl in 07
    Non-union; 4% across-the-board raise just went into effect Monday. Not sure if it was for entire hospital, just nurses, just RNs, or what. I was supposed to get my 10% ICU premium after 6 months on the job (that was in July) but I'll get a check for back pay whenever my boss gets around to submitting the paperwork to HR. Our merit raises (I'm told) are usually around 3-4% as well, and we have a clinical ladder with yearly bonus levels of $1500, $3000, and $4500. We get paid $2/hr to stay home on call and time-and-a-half if called out.