Radilogic Technologist

  1. I have been struggling with nursing and was wondering does anyone know about becoming a radiologic technologist?? If anyone can give me information on this I would appreciate it. I was wondering what the working conditions are, the pay status and of course, is it a decendent living? Can anyone guide me on Hesi Admission Assessment Testing?
    If anyone can share their experience or knowledge with me I would appreciate it.

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  3. by   Larry77
    A really good friend of mine is a rad tech and he has a plush job. When he works nights he just sleeps until we call him to do a CT scan (he does CT only). The pay in my area is not quite as good as RN's but it is close (about 2-3$/hr less). Schooling is quite different though...most programs are 2 yrs but some don't have many pre-req's. Also they are required to have 2000 something intern hours so you spend a lot of your time "working" for free...he he. They still have A&P and have more physics type classes but have a lot less disease process, patient care oriented, and medication training.

    If I didn't think it would be boring I certainly would have looked into this field as well...mostly because I like computers and electronics. I have no regrets however and LOVE my job...every day is different and never a dull moment...now if I could just figure out a way to sleep on the clock...lol.
  4. by   slou!
    My mom does this. She does X-Rays, Cat Scans, MRIs, and Mammograms. She really enjoys what she does, but she DOES want to go into nursing. She isn't, but she says if she won the lottery she would go to nursing school in a heart beat. She has worked both in a hospital and a diagnostic imaging center. You will get paid more if you work in a hospital. She was always VERY busy at both jobs, so no, I would say you will not be bored! She stopped working at the hospital because that was only part-time for extra money. One of my friends is going to school for this now.

    Now sure about the 2000 hours thing. I'm not saying it's not true because I'm sure it is true, but my mom never did this (which doesn't really count since she did not take any college classes for this, just went to X-Ray school since it was different when she did it.) but my friend is doing a program where they do not have to do this.

    The pay is also not as good as RN's here, but it is not bad at all. Like I said it was fine for my mom to raise us all on. It's nice that if you do not want to work in a hospital, you can also work somewhere in an office too. She likes the office better because there is less running around (more running around between departments but not from patient to patient like in a hospital.) than there was at the hospital. It depends if you like a faster pace or a slower pace though, but neither is really slow, unless you work at a not so busy place. Hope that helped any!
  5. by   twallum
    Thank you both for your response.