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  1. Hi. I am new to this posting. I have been a nurse for over 11 years and have never run into a situation like this. --we have a new doctor that just joined our staff, however I have worked with this doctor at a previous location. I'm not thrilled to work with this doc again and actually thought about quitting when I found out they were coming. I have not had good experiences with him and becasue of my position will have to work with him almost every day. I am not sure how to handle the situation. I know that I do not have a cjoice and that I should forget the past but I almost can't stand the thought of having to deal with him again. this is vague but you never jnow who is reading these and details would let someone know exactly who it was. any advice? Again in the situation I work I have no option but to work with him and in close contact.
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  3. by   SandyB
    Do you know that this doc is still a problem? if it has been awhile since you worked with him, maybe he has changed...before you quit, at least know he is still someone you can't stand.
  4. by   transplant
    [he actually took me aside the other day to "tell me what really happened" when I worked with him before..my guess is he is still the same..
  5. by   SandyB
    Well if working w/him would be that bad, your sanity is worth more than any job....Good luck with your decision.
  6. by   moia
    This is going to sound really hard but I think this is the best route to go.

    Call your boss and schedule a sit down meeting.
    Spend an evening and write down all your concerns.
    Go to the meeting and express all your concerns. Make the employer aware that the doctor has already approached you to discuss another version of events 11 years ago. Make the employer aware you are deeply concerned that the doctor is trying to involve you in this problem.
    Make the employer aware that you are uncomfortable professionally not personally. Keep things strictly on a professional level and bring a list of the professional repercussions YOU will suffer from his misconduct.
    I would also make it clear that you may feel the need to move on if the employer can't reassure you.
    Allow your employer to address and defend your concerns.Make sure you get the written minutes of this meeting, never accept an oral agreement, you need a new contract. Employers are NOT your friend.

    Now all your concerns are on the table. You are wonderfully free.

    You have created a WRITTEN workplace history for your self.

    watch out for this trap; some employers will go to the offender and have a meeting and then come back to you and say something glib like "I spoke to them and they say there won't be any problems"...THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH...and it is a cheap trick that causes you neverending grief.
    Your responsibility ends when you address the issue with the employer and the employer agrees to your demands. The employer can do whatever they want but it has NOTHING to do with you...get your new contract with your new agreements ....never ever make deals for agreements...either the employer agrees or you leave...the minute you have to wait for the employer to get "THE OTHER SIDE of the story" you should realize the employer believes in the treat the employees like children school of thought and thats not a place you really want to work anyway.
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  7. by   meownsmile
    Without knowing the issues surrounding the events of 11 years ago, i think i would take a wait and see attitude. If things appear to be taking the same road as they did 11 years ago, then take it to management, and make sure you have concrete issues you can address from this encounter with the doctor, not the ones from 11 years ago. At that point i think you would have to. Bringing to the table concerns from 11 years ago may seem petty and begrudging to an employer. When it comes to doctors, unless they had a situation that reflected on their license or became a legal issue that is documented,most all facilities will back a doctor first and little will come of your complaint/issue.
    Sorry, i know it could become bad real quick, so be on your toes when hes around and try to avoid having to deal with him on a one to one basis as much as possible. ALWAYS, have someone else with you if you have to deal with him. JMO