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  1. I am tryng to do my course work, and came across a phrase 'Untoward incidents' and I have total blank on what this means.

    I have tried searching it on the web, but only seem to find examples, is there a simple definition?

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  3. by   jnette
    i believe it means "unexpected" or adverse incidents...???
  4. by   betts
    un-to-ward [ un twrd ]
    1. causing misfortune: causing misfortune or disadvantage several untoward events
    2. inappropriate: not appropriate or fitting untoward rudeness
    3. unexpected: beyond the ordinary or the expected an untoward piece of luck

    in-ci-dent [ nsid'nt ]
    1. event: something that happens, especially a single event
    2. violent occurrence: a public occurrence, especially a violent one an incident outside a nightclub
    3. event with potentially serious consequences: an event that may result in a crisis, especially in international matters

    1. related to something: accompanying something or occurring as a consequence of it ( formal )
    2. physics coming into contact with surface: coming into contact with a surface

    jnette is right...
  5. by   betts
  6. by   Whisper
    Thanks very much, It was for my course work about my placement, and I am pretty sure none of these incidents occured.

    Thanks again, Whisper