Quick med schedule question

  1. Im a first year nurse in home health and have a question that probably sounds like a no brainer to you guys, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

    Ok, my patient had surgery today, so she was NPO after midnight. Her 8 and 9am meds were held, but the day nurse gave them all at 1300 when they returned home. My question is, how was I to have given the meds in order to get them back on schedule?

    her meds were supposed to be 0100, 0900, and 1700....they were held after midnight and the first dose today was given at 1300. I want to make sure I didnt make an error. thanks in advance!
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  3. by   AdelaideChic
    Depends on the drugs - were all the drugs tds (three times a day)? Or were some of the 0900 just once a day medications? Something like acetaminophen (paracetamol home in aust, lol) shouldnt be given more than 4 hourly, however there are slow release compounds of the same drug, that shouldnt be given more than 6-8 hourly, so it really depends on what medications, diagnosis, etc.
    Im sure you would have done fine, and it was good that someone else helped you out a bit. I would have said something like 'sorry to be nosey, but how does it work now with the medication having been given at different times', but it depends on the nurse, some are willing to help you learn, some are genuinely too busy or unable/unwilling to explain.
    Good luck with your first year