Questions regarding license endorsement

  1. I currently applied to endorse my nursing license to be able to work in georgia. my original license is for washington. One of my questions is: Can I apply to work before my endorsement is final? I know I can't physically offer to work for someone yet, but I saw something that said I couldn't "offer to work" without my license active.

    Also, after endorsing my license for georgia, does that void my current license in washington, or will they both be valid at the same time? I just renewed it in september this year.

    My last question is: for those who have applied for endorsements, I know it says up to 6 weeks for processing, but does it really end up taking that long?

    Thanks : ) Any input is appreciated.

    Have a great day!!
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  3. by   PolaBar
    You can have licenses in multiple states. I don't think you are prevented from applying for jobs in Georgia, but when you apply, you can't say you're licensed to work in the state (but you could add in the application status). Some states (not sure about GA) have "temporary" licenses you can get quicker while waiting for the real ones. It could easily take more than 6 weeks between applying for a position and actually starting a job.

    In short, apply, but don't say you're licensed in the state until you actually are.
  4. by   ukjenn231
    You can keep licenses in however many states you want.

    I would apply and then note in the application that you have applied for the new license.

    In some instances, such as travel agencies, they won't submit your application for jobs if you are not actively licensed in that state because they usually want a quick turnaround and solid contractual agreement to work. But if you are applying for a job directly, you can apply anyway, put your Washington license and then note that you are waiting for the Ga one.

    In my experience if you submit all your documents in a timely manner, it usually doesn't take that long but you can always call the BON to check on the status of your app.
  5. by   EarthwormRN
    Thank you guys for your answers. That helped me a lot. I will start applying right away
  6. by   Meriwhen
    You can--and should--apply to whatever you want to, but don't expect to be able to start work until that license (or at least a temp license/license number) is in hand. In fact, some places may not be willing to even consider your application until you have the endorsement, so also don't be surprised if your applications don't generate a lot of response at first.

    Depending on the state you are endorsing into, endorsement process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months or more, and that's even with getting all of your paperwork in quickly. So start the endorsement process NOW.